On A Blind Date

10. Plan Far Ahead

You may have planned a calm evening at the movies, but if you see that this wild girl wants to go clubbing, make sure that you will not have any trouble getting into the night’s hot spots.

9. Watch What You Say

To quote Chris Rock, “a girl will decide within the first 30 seconds whether or not she will sleep with you.” If she intends on doing so, the only thing standing in the way is what you say. So, think twice and better yet, shut your trap, so she can open hers.

8. Focus On Her

Why do some men insist on asking women out, only to end up spending the entire evening talking about themselves? If you want a woman to fall for you, then show her you care about more than T&A. Ask her about work, family, friends, all the stuff women love talking about. But beware; you do not want to give her the impression that you are about to begin stalking your next victim.
7. Don’t Cross-Examine Her

If you want a first date to succeed, then you must master the art of communication. Don’t ask her close-ended questions (those that only require “yes,” “no,” or “I don’t know,” responses); instead, ask her open-ended questions to stimulate conversation and to let her know that you’re interested.

6. Keep Your Eyes On Her

Look at her, not yourself, and definitely not at the other fine looking women in the establishment.
Don’t be a show off know-it-all, there’s still more…

5. Don’t Show Off

If you have a flashy watch, a nice car, or expensive clothes, she will notice. While this may hurt your chances as much as it will help, the bottom line is that everything you do must be subtle. Do not flaunt your cash; you are not dating a hooker. Don’t accidentally lose your 18-karat diamond ring on the table; or at least make sure that it slips down her shirt.

4. Manage Expectations

Lower your expectations. Women get better looking depending on the number of drinks you have. Go in there expecting Shamu’s ugly cousin to show up and you will see that the girl is pretty cute. Expect an angel and I guarantee that a whale is what you’ll get.

3. Watch Out For The Psycho Factor

Not only on blind dates, but even on the first handful of dates, beware of everything she says and how she says it. Also, when you tell her that you like seeing other people and she confidently says, “Good, I AM other people,” tell her you’re going to the washroom and head out to the nearest exit.
2. Exit Strategy

Have your friends on stand by … if things are really going horribly, then you may want to ditch her — now that will get the message across.

1. Take Charge

If you want the night to go how you dreamed it would, then do not sit there and get old. Get up, be a big boy and take control. Anything else is futile. Oh yes, some women are very turned on by confident men, so you could end up scoring on all fronts.


Side Note: You only get one chance to make a first impression, so be very clean, make sure you shower, shave, and smell good. She might try something once, but if you were throwing back pickled onions stuffed with garlic cloves all night, then she just might pass you up, forever.


All My Subs

Hill Roofing Co. is seeking salespeople and estimators to sell roof and home repair jobs. Great opportunity for advancement, Aggressive commission, 1099 sales position, flexible schedule, large territory, bilingual a plus. … currently hiring staff for a professional commercial cleaning company.

BREED Enterprises is looking for Outside Direct Marketing and Sales Account Managers for the AT&T U-verse Campaign, Match Point Tennis, a tennis court construction and resurfacing company is looking for surfacing and fencing contractors. Pay will be based on a per job bases and will be reported as 1099 income. SalesDouble is currently looking for a motivated sales professional to help business marketing services company.

…the opportunity to work as a commissioned sales person. You provide the phone, computer with internet access, and the pleasant voice… we provide the product, support, and generous commissions Immediate opportunities for a few home delivery & installation specialists. Needs to know how to install appliances (microwave, dishwashers, refrigerators etc….).
Atlanta Renovation is a home remodeler and general contractor. The company performs work for homeowners just before and after the sale of a home. …seeking salespersons to network with Realtors to gain access to more Pre & Post sale renovation opportunities.

BENEFIT 1: We help realtors with listings because homes are in need of maintenance to prepare them for sale.
BENEFIT 2: We help realtors with buyers because new owners want changes made before they move in.

This is a Win-Win sales proposition. Realtor sell more and Renovation gets more jobs. The successful candidate will be a professional networker throughout the realtor community. There are thousands of Realtors and each one is a potential source of renovation jobs. This is a commission only 1099 position and your proven ability to get in front of realtors will make you perfect for the position. You must have a cell phone, driver’s license, car and laptop to qualify.

Field Reps or Inspectors. Field Service Company currently seeking inspectors with current routes looking for additional work in their current coverage area.

Weight Loss Sales Reps (Perfect job for Trainers, Nutritionists)
Jortay, Inc. seeking Marketing & Sales Representatives who are currently working in weight loss or wellness industry.

Apartment Rental Locator – Charlesworth Realty Group Once a person has decided to lease a rental property in the area….act as a liason for the renter and the property. …gather all the specials, pricing, availability and additional fees or charges for each renter and also establish a contact person and relationship for your renter. We offer same day pay options to help while you’re building your client pipeline! Our sales process relies on phone and email interaction. This is a 1099 position and the opportunity and commission is unlimited!

KVAS Products, Inc. is looking to hire 5-10 Independent Business Development professionals. This is an Independent Contractor position (1099) pure commission based sales position.
KLAS Products, Inc. is a successful ad specialties, logo apparel, and label and packaging company seeking to expand our sales force across the US. home office is located in Texas. Since we are a national, online company, we feel that it is important to expand the KVAS brand on more of a personal level – through independent business development professionals.

Spark Home Services is looking for window cleaners. Qualified candidates work independently, as jobs are assigned. Job assignments will include cleaning interior and exterior windows and associated tasks at residential homes in the area.

• Required to work as a 1099 contractor
• Willingness to drive within a 60 mile radius of the surrounding area

Are you looking to build your own business? Then come join Upscale Renovations as a Service Technician. …a people person with skills of home maintenance, repair and remodeling categories: ONCALL Painters, HVAC, Handyman, General Contractors, Electricians, Plumbers, Kitchen Remodeling.
*Must be able to get work appointments by Text Massage
*Must have reliable transportation to job site
*You will be 1099 contractor

Low Voltage Techs Needed: in search of a 1099 contractor . all areas of low voltage included but not limited to CCTV, access control, alarm systems, wiring, fire systems, audio/visual, handsets, speakers, intercoms.

Floor Techs needed contractors. Must have experience stripping, waxing, and cleaning carpets.

Move In Atlanta, newest Apartment Locating Service, has a Contract Apartment Locating Position available. … responsible for researching property information and assisting renters in finding their next home.

New auto repair shop looking for a motivated person. This person should have mechanical skills and their own tools. We do restoration, modification, mechanical and collision repair. This is an entry level position so we do not expect a master mechanic but you must have experience. You will be a 1099 contractor not an employee this means you will be responsible for your own taxes and insurance… commission or hourly.

…work for new construction painting crew of 2 painters or more

-Must have your own tools (I.e. sprayers, ladders, brushes, rollers, etc…).
-Truck or van must have no business logos or any other lettering.
-We will provide shirts for you to wear.
-You must be legally allowed to work in the US.
-You will work as a subcontractor so expect subcontractor pay. (Paid every 2 weeks)
-You will be responsible to pay your own taxes. We will provide you with a 1099.
-You MUST have workmans comp.

Mid size company in water heater installations needs GA licensed plumbers to install water heaters, specifically tankless water heaters. This position does not involve any sales or commission on upsells. It’s a straight 1099 position paying out $350, $500 or $700 per day depending on work order(s).

Experienced Framing Crews needed – compensation: 1099 Sub Contractor, Must have own transportation, Must have own tools
This is not an hourly job …working as a 1099 Sub Contractor.

Stories From Russia With Love

Придорожная Корчма

У дороги одиноко стояла Корчма. Был ласковый май, пахло фиалками и шел теплый дождь. Корчма плакала, но никто не замечал ее слез, все думали, это капли дождя на ее лице. Но Скляр заметил, подошел к Корчме, приобнял ее ласково за плечи, и сказал, – Не плачь, милая моя Валя. Пойдем поженимся. – И стали они одной семьей.

Подпись Замеченная в ФСБ

В старом здании ФСБ на Лубянке старые большевики перед посадкой в черный ворон незаметно подписывали свои имена под подоконником в приемной Ежова, а потом и Берии. Однажды, спустя много лет уже в независимой демократической России, уборщица Зинаида Ивановна Кнешис смахивала паутинку под этим подоконником и вдруг заметила проступившие сквозь вековые слои пыли, копоти и паутины слова, – ” Здесь Был Сёма”. Работники ФСБ потом долго ломали голову над этой загадкой, – был ли это Семен Буденный, или Самуил Маршак. Все решили, что конечно же Маршак. Писатель ведь.

The Globalisation Destroys Our World

The global world resources are being sucked in one imperialistic funnel. The resources belong not to the planet itself, and not even to the people of that part of the world but to those who own the fastest money-printing printers and money-making scheme machines. Is that fair? Certainly not. But how they say nothing is fair unless supported by the World Bank.

Jochen Schweizer Geschenkideen

Life Experience business is hot to day. Everybody wants a piece of pie, trying to cash in on people’s natural sense of adventurism, sextourism, window-shopping and agritourism. Who’s fooling who here?

Sites such as experience days, meventi, jochen schweizer, mydays, jollydays are actually consolidators and travel package brokers (somewhat). True, Jochen Schweizer is different because he started out as an original movie stunt and adventures producers / performers team. So at least J.Schweizer is more practical and knowledgeable. Which I do like very much. To create original experiences is much more difficult and involved than to resell them as entertainment gift packages.

I don’t even want to start talking about new guys on the block – Groupon, Facebook, that are trying to expand into this experiences game selling their discounters coupons. It just makes no sense. Reselling discount coupons is a commodity sales game. Actual experience is always unique, and depends on the skills and labours of providers, creators, their sites, their tools, their customers habits and preferences.

Things On The Shoe String

If you got no financial backing from your rich Dad to finance your puny but promising startup in the garage somewhere in Santa Monica or maybe Sacramento then what? Become a serviceman or a marine and see the world? No! You should learn how to create things on the shoestring. And that’s all it takes. Start small – invest in a newspaper route and lease it to a couple of third-graders. Watch the money rolling in!


Or else you could buy a used oil tanker from Ukraine, fix-er up, and start delivering oil from oil-rich Venezuela to Jamaica Island. You see they are oil resource-deprived, and would be gladly paying for your indispensable services to their Motherland.


Do some Guerrilla Marketing.

Do Guerrilla Marketing and beat up your competitors on the spot!
Do Guerrilla Marketing and beat up your competitors on the spot!